Be first to gain superpowers with our Agentic AI: a super smart assistant that has full access to your store, customers, apps and marketing campaigns and can carry out actions on its own to achieve a goal you give it.
Examples of possibilities using AI Co-Pilot and ONE store platform:
// Possible Chat A //
Store: What are my top 3 products?
ONE: By units sold: (1) Lace Trim Vest (2) Faux Leather Leggings (3) Batwing Sweater
Store: Can you create a $15 Off promotion and message our customers that haven’t bought these products yet?
ONE: Created a $15 Off unique code that applies to Top 3 products, drafted email & SMS broadcasts with the discount and the segment linked. Would you like to review them before we send it?
// Possible Chat B //
Store: Who are my most loyal customers?
ONE: Here's a list of 300 hundred loyal customers.
Store: How are you defining loyal?
ONE: Anyone that purchased at least twice in the last 90 days.
Store: Adjust loyal to made at least 3 orders over $50 in the last 12 months.
ONE: Updated! Here's a list of 1,200 hundred loyal customers based on your parameters.
Store: Send them a gift card that’s 10% off their last order.
ONE: Sent all 1,200 customers a personalized gift card.
// Possible Chat C //
Store: Here’s our product image, generate product description and title and publish on Shopify, Amazon and TikTok, Temu, Google Shopping, Instagram, and Etsy.
ONE: Published on every surface commerce happens, let the sales roll-in!
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