Instantly increase sales up to 25% while you sleep!
Super excited for you to try this feature, post-purchase upsell is a game-changer for getting more sales:
  • without
    spending more on Ads (save 💰💰💰)
  • without
    spamming subscribers with marketing messages
What is One-Click Upsell?
  • One-Click
    (no need to re-enter payment details)
  • Upsell & Cross Sell
    (personalized product offers)
short upsell demo
Upsell Funnel
Checkout Page > *ONE* Upsell Page > Thank You Page
  1. After a customer pays for an order on the Checkout Page, they will immediately be presented with an upsell offer designed by you.
  2. Make an offer your customer can't refuse 😉 because they will have an option to
    the offer with
  3. Just like that, they will be brought to the Thank You Page (i.e. order confirmation page).
Tutorial Video
  • Create Upsell
    starts @ 0:42
  • Test Upsell
    starts @ 4:25
  • Create A/B Test
    starts @ 6:08
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Upsell Benefits
  • more revenue from the same traffic
  • non-intrusive upsell display
  • frictionless purchase experience
Upsell Cons
  • there are no cons... 😜
  • show countdown timer (induce FOMO)
  • give discount (increase conversion rates)
  • set quantity (bundle products)
  • offer complementary products (show relevancy)
  • run A/B tests (optimize to make more money)
Shopify Upsell Limitations (Keep in Mind)
Please note these limitations for One-Click Upsell. See Shopify's developer documentation for full details.
One-Click Upsell will not be shown if:
  • customer checks out with an installment or wallet service (i.e. Klarna, Affirm, AfterPay, Apple/Amazon/Google Pay)
  • customer uses a gift card or anything besides a credit card for the initial purchase
  • the order has duties or multiple currencies
  • the order is for local delivery
See You Soon! Enjoy 💝