Get hyper-targeted with your SMS by creating and saving custom segments right in your Shopify backend! 🎉. Now you can dazzle your audience with targeted SMS marketing to specific segments you've crafted. 🚀
🌎 Enhancement:
Geo-Tastic Targeting Option
Introducing the "+1" option—send SMS messages exclusively to the land of maple syrup and stars and stripes (US and Canada, eh!). 🍁🌟🇺🇸 No more global mishaps; this option ensures your messages hit the right continent every time. 🌍 Thereby ensuring that you're using your SMS credits efficiently.
🔮 How to Unleash the Magic:
Conjuring a new segment that you want to send to? Easy peasy—define your dream team in Shopify using their Customer segment creator for SMS magic. ✨ ONE will automatically ensure to sync that segment directly into our app, so that when you're choosing your recipient list, it will be there waiting for you like magic! 🧙
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💫 Perks and Potions:
Boost your marketing mojo with targeted SMS spells for better engagement and conversions. 📈💥Wave goodbye to international texting oopsies; stay compliant and focused with regional targeting. 🌍✅ Simplify your campaign sorcery for maximum impact and customer delight! 🌟🎩
If you have any questions on how to get started, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team!